Vaportec Technical Services products are available in the following forms:

• Liquid or powder concentrates

• Paper impregnated with VCI

• Plastic bags or cover with VCI sachets

• Open pore foam impregnated with VCI

• Mineral oils and greases containing finely dispersed VCI compounds

• Wax coating with VCI for extended temporary storage

• Specially formulated products for individual applications

• Compatible biocides

• Compatible biocides

Products and programs are available to protect equipment and parts against humid and oxidising atmospheres including corrosive industrial, marine and tropical environments.

Services and Products:

• Preservation
• Corrosion control
• Equipment packing
• Plant lay-up
• Surface preparation

• Sand blasting
• Coating applications
• VCI* packing material
• VCI* powders and oils
• Wax and oil coatings

• Water based VCI's*
• Compatible biocides
• Fuel preservatives

* (Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors)